Friday, 31 May 2013

Day 2

So day 2 almost done. Still not drinking enough water, I know that, but i'm feeling ok. Stuck to it despite wanting food a couple of times today, craved a biscuit with my morning coffee and bread with my soup but haven't given in. Tomorrow I'm going to try the small meal option, having 3 packs instead of 4, no milk and a healthy meal from the allowed foods list in the evening. The hardest part of the plan so far has been preparing Tabi's lunches. I've really wanted to eat with her and whilst I have sat down and had my soup at the same time, it doesn't quite hit the spot like a cheese omelette and baked beans would have done. Tomorrow is supposed to be the tough day too, thankfully Tobs is home to keep me on the straight and narrow. After that ketosis should kick in and I'll hopefully start feeling better.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fresh start

So here we are again. It's been rather a long while since I posted and things have changed. The beautiful daughter is nearly 2! Not quite sure where that time went. I am back at work full time and in a management role alongside my class teacher position. And I've decided to actually sort out my weight. Being in a stressful and busy job (junior school in special measures as English manager) I don't find time to eat properly let alone plan and prepare healthy food. With that in mind I have decided to attempt the Cambridge Weight loss Plan. I'm on day one today and feeling ok - have managed to take the girl to the park and cook her meals without giving in to temptation. So far the packs I have had have been ok taste wise which certainly helps. I also attended my first LARP event this past weekend. I loved my time there and can't wait to go back. Madam is not quite the right age for this yet but in a year's time I'm sure that will be very different. Plan for now is to update about my diet successes/failures/highs/lows, alongside my experiences as a full time working mummy. 9 weeks to holiday so I have a goal to focus on.