Thursday, 27 June 2013

Week 4

So I've been on the diet 4 weeks. I'm doing ok. A couple of little slips but I've got back on it and kept focussed so I'm proud of myself. I've lost 1st 4lb (actually it was a bit more but time of the month weigh in is unhelpful!) and I've lost 3.5 inches off my waist - which shows. Feeling good about myself. More to go though. Term is racing away from us too. Not going to be long until the holidays. Can't wait to get away.It's been a tough term being back full time, taking on management stuff and still being mummy, but i've survived it. Looking forward to the opportunity to get back out in a kayak and enjoy some R&R with my wonderful family, without (hopefully) being a blobby lump in a wetsuit!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 10

So I'm over a week in and doing ok. I had my weigh in appointment on Wednesday and was a little disappointed to have only lost 4.5lb. I had expected more having been so good all week. I have since weighed in at home and now the weight loss is moving. I had lost 9lb total by yesterday, so as much in 2 days as in the previous 7. Basing it on how I felt over the first week, I'm pretty sure it took me slightly longer to get into ketosis than anticipated. I've managed a full working week on the diet too now, I had one bad day where I managed to leave the house without my food packs. That was a tough day but I refrained from giving in to the biscuit temptation in the staff room, boosted my sugar/calorie levels with milk and survived to get home. I have eaten this evening, I made a chilli topped salmon and had it with salad. I'm out at a friends' tomorrow and they are cooking salmon and veg so managing to maintain the social eating occasionally, while staying on plan. Back to weigh in on Wednesday, with a week of testing, meetings and courses, I'll have to be strong, but keeping focussed on my goal.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 3 (the morning after!)

So technically it is the morning of day 4. Yesterday was fairly tough - I knew it was going to be. I had decided on a food day so no milk for my morning coffee but a meal to look forward to later on. I headed to 2 bbqs, one only for a very short time and after I had had my soup for lunch. The second was to have my meal. I made chilli turkey burgers and had one with salad which was nice. I did have a headache last night so conceded defeat and went to bed early. I feel much better today and should be in ketosis so I'm hoping i'll notice and feel good in a while. Still enjoying the shakes - didn't like the chocolate orange flavour and the cappuccino hot with coffee was sickly. The vanilla with a shot of coffee served cold this morning was good though. Still sticking to this though - keeping focussed on the end goal.