Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 10

So I'm over a week in and doing ok. I had my weigh in appointment on Wednesday and was a little disappointed to have only lost 4.5lb. I had expected more having been so good all week. I have since weighed in at home and now the weight loss is moving. I had lost 9lb total by yesterday, so as much in 2 days as in the previous 7. Basing it on how I felt over the first week, I'm pretty sure it took me slightly longer to get into ketosis than anticipated. I've managed a full working week on the diet too now, I had one bad day where I managed to leave the house without my food packs. That was a tough day but I refrained from giving in to the biscuit temptation in the staff room, boosted my sugar/calorie levels with milk and survived to get home. I have eaten this evening, I made a chilli topped salmon and had it with salad. I'm out at a friends' tomorrow and they are cooking salmon and veg so managing to maintain the social eating occasionally, while staying on plan. Back to weigh in on Wednesday, with a week of testing, meetings and courses, I'll have to be strong, but keeping focussed on my goal.

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