Thursday, 12 January 2012

First week (retrospective)

We stayed in hospital for another night so that Tabitha's blood sugar could be monitored to check that she coped with the birth and had no issues relating to my gestational diabetes. When they were happy all was fine we went home. She cried so much on that second night, Nothing settled her and she was almost constantly attached to my chest!

We went home on Wednesday afternoon and had a horrific evening with her. I knew babies cried but this seemed much more than expected. I called the midwife on Thursday morning and she came around early. When they checked her over they found that she had an infection that manifested as an umbilical flare. We were sent back to hospital to the neonatal department. She was checked and then readmitted for the infection. She had to have a cannula inserted fro IV antibiotics. I was so panicky as the drugs she was put on are the same antibiotics that I am severely allergic to. She seemed ok however. We were readmitted to the ward in a room with a big window. Toby spent each day with us at the hospital.

While it wasn't a nice way to spend our first week, it was good not to have to think about food, or remember to take my pain meds at the right time. I also could just sit and focus on establishing breastfeeding and had a team on hand to answer any questions that I needed. She was still such a screamy baby at this point but understandable as she was ill. They moved her from the IV to oral antibiotics and by Saturday evening we were allowed home to be a family.

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