Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sleep arrangements (retrospective)

Tabi fed generally well. She demanded to feed regularly and had a good suck. However she fed lots, if not nearly constantly, overnight. I understood the need for this, I understood about the hormones that were stronger in my milk at night. However it was truly exhausting to spend the night sitting with her in my arms. We did a lot of skin on skin holding for bonding and to help with my milk.

In the end we decided to try co-sleeping. Tabi was able to latch and feed effectively lying down without causing me any pain. At least this way I was able to rest a little. We actually kept up the co-sleeping or at least partially co-sleepong up to about 5 months. No doubt we will still do it when she is poorly or distressed. To be honest I loved it. Love it even. She is wonderful. I rest though don't sleep too well, mostly because I can't stop watching her just breathing.

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